Sparking Joy in Southwest France

  On a chilly, damp Sunday afternoon over the winter I spent a lazy bit of time on the couch surfing through new Netflix series. Not in the mood for something challenging (or in French as I sometimes do to justify being a couch potato) I stopped at “Tidying up with Marie Kondo.” I sat... Continue Reading →

Men in Pink Shorts

It has been so long since I blogged about living here, it is a little difficult to know when to jump in and begin again. But I thought the height of a perfect day in July would be a good start. It is summer here finally and resoundingly, and everything we love about being here... Continue Reading →

Pink Drinks

Rosé In July when the weather gets hot we start drinking chilled rosé in our courtyard. This is standard fare in southwest France but not something we drank much of in Canada. In most cases, rosé is coloured pink by leaving the grape skins in contact with the wine. Most wine grapes produce a colourless... Continue Reading →

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